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Freakshow HD - MSX2-L Micro Split 4K/12G Reclocking DA

Freakshow HD - MSX2-L Micro Split 4K/12G Reclocking DA

SKU: C01-007
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Meet the Micro Split MSX2-L, the worlds most compact 4K/12G Reclocking DA. The Micro Split has a locking LEMO connector. The latest in reclocking and cable EQ technology extends cable runs up to 700 feet! The Micro Split's 12G/HD/SD-SDI flexibility is future proof, and exceeds previous generations' performance.


Freakshow products are proudly MADE IN THE USA and now come with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


Includes 1x Power Supply with Locking LEMO Connector



Custom power cables available here


    • Formats: 4K 12G-SDI, Ultra 4K 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, 1.5G-SDI, 270Mb-SDI. Meets and exceeds SMPTE-424, SMPTE-292, SMPTE-259


    • Inputs: 1x12G/ 6G/ 3G/ 1.5G/ 270Mb - Auto-selectable SDI, 1xBNC


    • Outputs: (same as above, but with proper number of outputs for each device), equalization and re-clocking


    • Cable Re-clocking and Equalization (all with Belden 1694A - divide by half for Belden 1505): 75 meters (246ft) at 12G, 100 meters (328ft) at 6G, 220 meters (722ft) at 3G, 265 meters (870ft) at HD, 530 meters (1740ft) at SD


    • Input return loss: -8dB at 12G, -9dB at 6G, -13dB at 3G, -18dB HD/SD


    • Output return loss: Return loss -6dB at 12G, -8.5dB at 6G, -15dB at 3G, -23dB at HD/SD


    • 5-36v operation


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