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On Set Headsets - G-Hook Headset

On Set Headsets - G-Hook Headset

SKU: E01-004
kr450.00 Regular Price
kr225.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT

The FILMPRO Hook Headset is a lightweight option for those that like headsets to go around their ear and not in it. The ear piece is similar to an iPhone earbud, but with a hook on it.


    • Motorola 2-pin (M1) compatible connector

    • Professional, discrete and comfortable

    • Flexible ear hanger

    • Clear sound with minimized external chatter

    • Ideal for film and TV, hotel, conference, entertainment and security communications

    • Adapters* available to further extend the compatibillity with even more radios!

    * See adapter product pages for more information on compatibility.


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